Thursday, January 11, 2007

recipe is: banana delight/pengat pisang

bananas over bananas


5 cups water

100 gms palm sugar

150 ml coconut cream

8 ripe bananas

2 tbsp sago

5 screwpine leaves


bring the water to a boil in a pot. put in the screwpine leaves. add the palm sugar and sago. turn down the heat. stir occasionally. boil til all the palm sugar has melted and the sago is thoroughly transparent. add the coconut cream and bring it to a boil. peel the banana skins and cut the bananas into 1/2 cm pieces and add them into the pot. boil for another 3 minutes and turn off the flame. can be served hot or cold.

~ you can adjust the amount of palm sugar added according to your taste. do take into consideration the sweetness of the bananas when adding more sugar.

~ palm sugar can be substituted with brown sugar. the amount may vary between the two, so do test for sweetness before adding more sugar.

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