Friday, March 06, 2009

recipe is : butttered rice

I love this buttered rice. It's so yummlicious that I can eat it on its own. It also goes well with most dishes, be it meat or veggie. Plus, it's super easy-peasy to prepare :)


freshly cooked rice
grated lemon zest
finely chopped spring onion
finely chopped tomatoes, discard the seed and watery inside pulp
salt to taste


mix everything together. serve immediately


i didn't put the quantity of the ingredients. it's up to your own liking how much you prefer to add. my own quantities would be half a tbsp of tomatoes/spring onion, a pinch of zest, half a tsp of butter to each cup of rice.

hot, freshly cooked rice works best. the heat brings out the fragrance of the ingredients.

shallot oil can be substituted for the butter. just skin and thinly sliced 2-3 shallots, fry them in 5 tbsp of oil til golden brown, dish up quickly to prevent burning (it tastes bitter if burnt).

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